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Tight-tolerance CNC machine

Your Parts. Just as you imagined. Right on schedule. 


CNC Machining

At Modulus Machine, we're all about precision, quality, and fast turn-around. Tight tolerance? It's our specialty. We can achieve repeatable precision machining at plus or minus .0001 inches. Superb quality control? Absolutely. Every part examined, every tolerance tested. We've never had a part sent back! Fast turn-around? You betcha. We're a lean and agile operation. We never overbook and we always deliver on our promises. 

"We've never had to send a part back!" - A Happy Customer

noun, singular (modulus)
1. absolute value

We know your business is complex and relies on steady suppliers. You want a machine shop that never promises what they can't deliver and always delivers on what they promise. You want quality partnerships. So do we. At Modulus Machine, our absolute value is quality

Precision. Quality. Lickety-split.

"Every part has been amazing in terms of experience, quality, and lead times." - Another Happy Engineer


Why choose modulus machine?

Quality Matters

Engineers often face challenges related to inconsistent quality of parts produced by machine shops.


At Modulus Machine, we have a rigorous quality control process to ensure every single part meets your detailed specifications.

Communication is Key

Clear communication between engineers and machine shop suppliers is crucial for success.


At Modulus Machine, we are constantly communicating with your engineers to ensure we deliver exactly what they need.

Schedules Must Be Kept

Meeting project deadlines is paramount, as delays are a disruption to your business.

At Modulus Machine, we never overbook or overpromise. You don't need optimistic timelines, you need facts you can rely on. 

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