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CNC Milling

At Modulus Machine, we have extensive experience cutting a variety of materials including aluminum, titanium, steel, brass, stainless, plastics, several different copper alloys—just to name a few. If you need it milled, we’re your machine shop! We utilize high-efficiency milling (HEM) strategies generated by some of the most advanced CAD-CAM tools out there and can hold tolerances as tight as + / - .0001 inches. If you’re looking for CNC expertise with proven repeatable precision—whether for prototypes or mass production—give us a call! We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate why we should be your preferred machine shop partner. 

Laser Marking

Who doesn’t need to incorporate a bit of laser marking in their parts manufacturing once in a while? Does your production require part numbers or serialization? Want to spiff up your parts with a rad company logo? We’ve got you covered. Our machine shop uses a CNC operated 50W CO2 laser for all your precision marking needs. 


Metrology is just a fancy word that means we’re really good at measuring stuff. It’s how we’re able to back up our promise of precision. We use a CNC operated Optical CMM with up-to-date certified calibration to take measurements with accuracy to less than a micron! We measure every part before we ship it out. After all, what’s the use of knowing GD&T if you can’t follow it? And don’t worry—our ability to write and execute automated measuring routines means high production jobs don’t get bogged down in the precision verification process.


Do you need a machine shop that can design your parts as well make them? We have extensive CAD expertise and would love to help you create your design or simply offer a few refinements as needed. 

And More!

Need something else? Contact us to set up a call with our senior machinist. We'll give you the straight talk. 

Contact us! We're always looking for the next great partner. 
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